Helping those who need it most

The Arndt family gives to United Way because they know that every dollar can make a difference for someone in need

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Some people have a different starting point in life than others, but everyone deserves a fair chance at being able to succeed and have a meaningful life. 

We were raised to care about our communities and to help others. These values are important to us, and ones that we want to pass on to our children.

Our contributions to the United Way are part of that value system.

United Way is an organization that is very effective in how they’re addressing the social issues that we face. We’ve been able to see the effort that they put into making their funding decisions. 

Instead of having to research individual organizations, the efficacy of their programs, and their connections to the community, we give our money to United Way and let the organization get the help out to those who need it most. 

It’s possible to solve poverty if we put our hearts, minds, and resources into tackling the issues – and only we as a community can do it. 

Sometimes it feels really daunting. But then you have to remember that every little bit helps. Our children have learned that we can all help in small and big ways and the more people that help the better. 

When money, resources, and caring people all arrive at the same place, magical things happen. 

Don't think that you have to be a massive donor to make a difference - every dollar ends up somewhere useful and making a powerful impact.


2017 Donors

I have been so privileged and have had so many champions in my life - it’s important to me to be that champion for other people. As a community, when everyone feels like they have a champion and the resources to be the best they can be, we all benefit.

The supports were there when we needed them and this is our opportunity to give back.

As a family, we’ve always had the philosophy to give back to our community. We grew up with the understanding that if you were blessed with anything a little bit more than your neighbour, you should give some of it back.

Everyone deserves a fair chance at being able to succeed and have a meaningful life. When money, resources, and caring people all arrive at the same place – magical things happen.

Nobody wants to see struggle – It’s never easy to see someone on the street or a child experiencing poverty.

The organizations that United Way supports gave me the opportunity to stand on my own two feet.

United Way is not just about fundraising. It is really about transforming our region so that we see success for everyone - children, teens, adults, seniors and new immigrants looking to create a better life for their children.

I learned through United Way that about one in 10 people in the Alberta Capital Region lives in poverty. If I can help level the playing field, I’m definitely going to do what is within my means.

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